What to do while acquiring new lovebirds

A few good sized, quality birds to start with will give better stock to build on. Otherwise you will end up with a large number of just average offspring, too many to keep and nothing worthwhile. Quality aviculture achievements are not short-term projects and breeders you see with better class birds usually have taken many years to get there.

Visiting shows of Lovebird Society of Pakistan will help you meet experienced fanciers and champions. It will find you out who’s breeding the particular type you plan to breed and make yourself known to them.

Most exhibitors are only too pleased to help if you are interested in buying quality birds. To start with you can buy established pairs or better still obtain young birds that will be mature enough when the next breeding season arrives.

Following point should be considered while buying new birds:

  • Attain the basic information about the lovebird species or mutation you intend to buy.
  • Closely monitor the health of the bird.
  • Do confirm the age of the bird so you can plan your breeding season accordingly.
  • To confirm the gender DNA testing is the most reliable method so do get the DNA test report.
  • Before pairing do clear your mind that what mutation or results you want to get from the pairing.
  • Whenever you add new bird in your collection do quarantine the bird for at least 45 days. Keep an eye on the bird’s health and start medication if required.