Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide

This section enables new fanciers to grab the basic knowledge about lovebird species, feeding, breeding ...

In joining this society, one becomes part of a community of folk who are united in their common interest. Meeting other fanciers and getting knowledge pertinent to lovebirds, opens new avenue about upcoming lovebird mutations. Moreover, it also unfold the working of international breeders about developing new mutation, breeding and show standards.LSP is the platform where fanciers are not in touch only for the birds but this strong bonding also benefits one another in other fields of life as well.


Get LSP closed bands and keep accurate records of age and pedigree. Most lovebird fanciers like to put closed rings on their birds, as a means of identity. Such rings are large and yet light enough to cause the bird no kind of discomfort, but small enough to have to be placed on the bird’s leg at only a few days.
On first joining the society, each member is allocated a membership number, usually beginning with the first initial of their surname. This code is unique – issued only to one person (or partnership) and is stamped on rings purchased from the society.
Having the year of ringing included on the ring determines the age of the bird – so an old bird cannot be sold as a youngster.

Membership Card

LSP members are entitled to have well designed and good quality membership card. This card doesn’t only provide you identity that you are linked with the LSP but we are also striving to arrange the following benefits in future.

  • Discounts on numerous restaurants and companies products.
  • Attractive rates on DNA’s.
  • Discounts on bird feeds and accessories.


LSP in the first and only lovebird society in Pakistan who took initiative of having a website and educates its members about every aspect of the hobby. Few of the benefits are listed below.

  • There is a breeder’s directory on the website that contains member’s profile and contact details. This directory will enable members to sale their birds anywhere in the world.
  • Later on members will be given access to their personal account by creating login and password. By using this member can edit his profile, put up sale ads avail other benefits attached to the website.
  • Those members who have knowledge about the hobby and want to write articles or make informative videos can submit their work and will be uploaded after approval. Similarly other members will have opportunity to gain knowledge.

Avian facility

LSP has certified avian on board as we realized that it’s a big issue in aviculture of Pakistan that we don’t have avian consultants. Registered avian will provide services to the members on discounted rates.

Bi-Annual Magazine

Not at the moment but in near future LSP members will receive the magazine contains a number of features, including articles on all aspects of our fancy, written by fanciers in this country, and world-wide.

LSP Stickers

  • Members will receive LSP Sticker to put in the window of your car.